Leadership Development Myths Dispelled

Leadership Development - Take Action Today

Leadership Development – Take Action Today

9 Leadership Myths Dispelled

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” Ronald Reagan

Leadership is an important management skill in which a person can motivate and inspire others to reach a common goal. This skill is important in corporations, as the leader is responsible for maximizing and integrating the potential of available resources including human resources.  There are some misconceptions and myths about leadership, which we’ll review here.

Myth no.1: Leaders are born and not made.

This is the most common myth about leadership.  Some people do have innate leadership qualities, but generally circumstances surrounding people make them effective leaders.  Identify some qualities that you think an effective leader has; then determine if one is born with those qualities.  For the most part, the answer will be no.

Myth no.2: Leaders are meant only to give orders.

This is not true. It is true that leaders give orders, only because their position requires them to do so. They usually inspire others to do what they have to do.  Leaders get people to do what they want them to do because they make the person want to do it.

Myth no.3: You grow into better leaders as you get older.

There is no age for becoming an effective leader. Anyone can become an effective leader based on his or her previous experiences and not necessarily

with their increasing age.  As you grow and develop as a person, you grow as a leader.

Myth no.4: Leaders have an impressive personality.

This is not necessarily true, though at times, it does attract people. Leaders have the ability of influencing others, even if they do not have an illustrious personality.

Myth no.5: Leaders possess charisma.

This is partially true as while charisma is not the absolute quality of a leader, leaders are usually followed for their hard work, ideas, integrity and commitment.

Myth no.6: Leaders do not make mistakes.

This is not true as leaders are human beings, and make mistakes like all humans do. In fact, some of them may make more mistakes than others because they take more challenges than others do. The difference with leaders is that they admit their mistakes, and learn from them.

Myth no.7: Leaders have all the authority.

This does not always hold true as their actual effectiveness as a leader is measured by their ability to get others to follow them without actually wielding their authority. They utilize their personal power.  They resort to using their authority only in a crisis.  When the crisis is over, they go back to utilizing their personal power.  They understand that if they overuse their authority they will diminish their power.

Myth no.8:  Leaders know everything.

Again, not true. While it may seem that leaders know everything under the sun, it’s only a vision and sense of direction that they harbor. They too have to keep learning, and they understand they can learn from those around them…no mater what rank the other has.

Myth no.9: Leaders do not delegate the important work to others.

False. Leaders do delegate important work, but based on the competency of the person. It is their skill and ability at delegating the right work to the right person to ensure a job is successfully carried out.  It is their job to share work and responsibilities judiciously to get the work done. This does not undermine their credibility but in fact, helps pave the way for leadership development in others and helps new leaders emerge.

Leadership begins with self-leadership.  Continual self improvement will lead you to a brighter future.  Determine what leadership qualities you would like to develop then create a plan to achieve them.  Let me know if you need help.

Get What You Want

Get what you want!

Get what you want!

“The number one reason most people don’t get what they want is they don’t know what they want.” T Harv Eker.  Most people can tell you what they don’t want. They can’t tell you what they want. That is why 95% of the net worth belongs to about 3% of the population. Focus on what you do want and take the steps to make it happen. Focus is so important. If you don’t focus on what you want, you can easily become distracted.

Today I had an office day.  I started with a coaching call. The call was in my schedule so it got done. After my call I had trouble focusing on what I needed to do. I find that if I don’t write down what has to be done it generally doesn’t get done. At 4:07 PM  I hadn’t accomplished anything of major importance.  I know better than that.  I decided that I better decide what my major focus had to be in order to reach my success goals. I made a list of my top priorities and began working on the top priority.  When I accomplished that I moved onto the next most important thing.  The interesting thing is that I could beat myself up for wasting the day or I could realize that I couldn’t get the time back and I could just keep moving on. Worrying about past events is not a good use of the time. Taking action is.

Look at your goals and decide on the one thing that you can do today to take that first step to move you forward to get what you want. Don’t waste any time just take action. If you don’t know what you want and don’t have any goals, your first action is to figure out what you want. If you need help please contact me. Don’t waste time wondering whether you should pick up the phone or send an email, just act. Decide, act, get what you want!


“Stop, Drop and Roll” to a Successful New Year

Stop, Drop and Roll to a Successful New Year

Remember Stop, Drop and Roll if your clothes are on fire and remember it as you start your New Year.

Remember Stop, Drop and Roll if your clothes are on fire and remember it as you start your New Year.

I attended a workshop several years ago that was based on the concept that we learned when we were in elementary school. Remember “stop, drop and roll”? You learned that when in a fire you are to “stop, drop and roll”. That concept was drummed into our heads so that if we were in an emergency situation in which our clothing caught fire, we would automatically stop drop and roll. It’s a great thing to remember. Now lets use it with our goals. You are starting the New Year with a clean slate. Make 2014 your best year yet.

Let’s look at the steps in “stop, drop and roll” to help you reach your 2014 goals.

Step one is to STOP. Stop and assess your situation. What works and what doesn’t. Look at where you want to go with your business or your personal life. Are your actions, systems and people taking you in that direction? This is a great time to assess what needs to change in order to take you where you want to go. If you want to go to LA and you are in Minneapolis it does not pay to develop a road map from New York. So assess where you are today so that you know your starting point.

The second step is DROP. Drop what isn’t working. I recently went through some of the automated bills coming directly out of my credit card and was surprised to see how they had added up to hundreds of dollars a month without beneficial results. I dropped several of them.

There are other things you should drop as well. If you are doing mundane tasks that can be done by someone else think about outsourcing. Drop them in someone else’s lap to free up your time to do what you should be doing.

The third step is to ROLL. Roll means motion or action. Create an effective strategy and action plan that will take you to your vision and then take action on your plan. It doesn’t matter how much you plan and plan. Without action, nothing will happen. So stay focused on your plan and act on it every day no matter how small that action is. Little things add up.

Remember “stop, drop and roll”. Use it to make 2014 your best year yet. Please contact me if you want to learn more or would like some help.

Help! Why don’t I Achieve More?

Why aren’t you achieving the results that you know you are capable IMG_2668 of? Why aren’t you getting the results that some of your associates are getting? Why is it that you work really hard…but achieve very little? Why do some people…seem to earn lots of money…while you struggle to get by? Why do you sometimes quit when the going gets tough?

What is the one thing you know you should be doing but aren’t doing or aren’t doing consistently? If you know what you should be doing? Then why aren’t you? It goes beyond action. You have to believe in your heart of hearts that you are going to succeed. Without that positive expectation, you will stay right where you are. You’ve heard the saying; “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.” Let me stress that your belief is not what you tell others. It is that deep down feeling that you know you can do it and you know you know.

The big question then is: “How do you get the belief so you can achieve more?”

If you felt I was speaking to you then I urge you to click here now to learn more about our Self Mastery Program.

Motivation – Newton’s 1st Law of Motion and Motivation


Get Motivated - Take Action

Get Motivated – Take Action

Newton’s First Law of Motion states that “a body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it, and a body in motion at a constant velocity will remain in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force.”  Any action, no matter how small, will get you started. 

Do you ever feel that sometimes it takes a lot of effort to get you motivated to do something?  I know that happens to me sometimes.  The law of physics is in play in this equation.  Newton’s First Law of Motion states that “a body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it, and a body in motion at a constant velocity will remain in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force.”   


It takes a lot of effort to break through our inertia.  The cool thing is that any action, no matter how small, will get you moving.  Once you’re moving then you tend to stay moving and motivated to continue.  Here’s an example:  I had a client who wanted to journal every night but she had a hard time getting motivated to do so.  We set a goal that she would write one sentence every night.  Do you think she could only write one sentence?  Of course not.  She ended up journaling a page or more every night.  That one little action caused a larger reaction, which eventually became a habit.  


I use the same principle when I’m cleaning.  I don’t really care to clean.  In fact, I don’t like it at all.  So when I have to clean I start out small.  I might divide the kitchen counter into three sections and do one section at a time.  Little actions really do add up and, they get us moving.  Once we are moving, it is easier to stay motivated to keep going.


Many people don’t like making cold calls and yet they have to in order to be effective at their jobs.  If you have a call list, you will feel more motivated to continue calling after you have made the first call.


Remember you will have to make many first action steps to get you moving.  Have you ever been working nicely on a project and then stopped to take a lunch break only to find it hard to motivate to get going again.  Newton’s First Law of Motion applies in all these types of situations.  The trick, again, is to take that first action to get you moving again.


Remember Newton’s Law of Motion the next time you lack motivation and take the first small action step to get you moving.  If you need more help getting you moving or you need a coach to hold you accountable, please let me know.  Take action and get in touch with me now…take the first step.  Also post your comments below and if you liked this post, please share it with a friend.


Memories – Memories of My Dad from my Childhood

This is my dad on his wedding day.

This is my dad on his wedding day.

My Dad just turned 89.  I shared a letter that I wrote to my mom with my memories of her during my childhood in my last blog.  I wrote my dad a letter with my memories of him as well.  Here it is:

Happy 89th birthday Daddy.  I know it is a challenge for you to not be able to hear.  I know you must get frustrated not being able to get around like you used to especially since you were always so active and it seemed there was nothing you couldn’t do in my eyes.  I also know that inside you probably wonder where the years went and are amazed that it went so fast.  Let me tell you what I see in my minds eye.  I remember you and your 30s.  You had three little girls who had you wrapped around their little finger.  I remember when you became a new dad with your fourth daughter.  To those little girls you were always “Daddy” and always will be.

I remember seeing my first jack-o’-lantern.  I was pretty young then.  I remember all the lights were turned off and you went outside.  I was hanging on mom’s knee because that’s about how tall I was.  I don’t know if I was just over one or just over two years old.  You went outside and must have lit the jack-o’-lantern and held it in the window.  Linda and Judy started bawling because they got scared.  I think I was too young to even understand that I should be afraid.  That is one of several of my earliest memories.

When Dena was born, you had to take care of us as well as get chores done, so we got to help with milking.  I was 6.  You poured milk from the milking machine into buckets filling them about half full so that 2 of us together could carry the milk to the bulk tank where you had a small stepladder for us to climb to pour the fresh milk through the strainer into the tank.  We were so proud that we could help.  You had to feed us too.  We laughed for years about the black eggs you fried for us and the bean spouts you fed us for a vegetable.

When I was probably 6 to 10 years old, my sisters and I would ask you to “muscle your arms” so we could hang on your arms.  You would flex your muscle and each muscle was about the size of a grapefruit.  We would hang on your arm trying to pull it down and we never could.

You played checkers with me when I was little.  You had such an analytical mind and you would methodically come after my last checker even when I would jump it across the whole board.  You patiently came after me.  I think I got my analytical mind from you.

When you developed your hernia, I think you were 39.  You had just turned 40 when you had the repair.  We couldn’t go in to see you in the hospital because of the rules back then.  But we came to the window to see you and while mom visited we played in the sprinkler.  After that, you hired a hired-hand to help out with chores.  You fired him when he threw a cat against the side of the barn.  If it was possible we loved you even more after that.  You have always had such a soft heart.

One Sunday at church, you and a few other people were up by the alter being initiated into something, maybe the church council, I’m not quite sure but, I remember thinking how handsome you were and how proud I was of you.  I still am.

You had four girls so we had to help out.  There were times when I think you just wanted the company.  One time you were working on a tractor.  I think it was the 88.  We were in the shop and I was supposed to be helping you.  My sisters were supposed to be helping Mom in the house.  I started getting bored so I said:  “Daddy, can I go?”  Your reply…”Hand me that wrench.”

You were a very progressive farmer in your day.  You invested a lot in the farm and you invested a lot in your daughters.  When it rained in the summer, you would take us all to town because you invariably had to buy parts for some piece of equipment and mom would take us shopping while you went to parts stores.  We usually came home with a new outfit.

As we got a little older we helped with chores before and after school and rock picking and haymaking in the summer.  In the summer, we would work late and then you and mom would take us to the lake to swim.  You two would visit with the resort owners while we played in the water.  When the fair was going on, we worked hard during the day so could go to the fair and you would give us money to ride rides.  When we ran out of money we would come find you for more.  At the end of the evening when we were hungry we always knew to look for you and mom at the 4-H booth where you would be visiting with friends.

You were a great dad and are also a great grandfather.  I remember you crawling under the table playing toy trucks with your new grandson Brandon.  You were 52 when he was born.  My children were so lucky to live nearby and got to experience the best grandparents.

The four of us girls always knew we were daddy’s little girls.  You instilled great core values in all of us with a drive to succeed in anything we chose to do.  Thank you for giving me such a wonderful childhood and solid roots.  I love you Daddy!

Memories – A Letter of Childhood Memories

My Mom on Her Wedding Day.

My Mom on Her Wedding Day.

My Mom just turned 82.  I thought I would share a letter that I gave her on her birthday.  Here it is:

Happy 82nd birthday Mom.  A couple weeks ago when I ask you how old your internal age was, we determined that you were some place in your early 20s.  When you sit in your chair and you just relax and nothing hurts.  You close your eyes and you think about what is around you; you said you think of us when we were young.  You had just turned 20 when you got married and Linda was born before you turned 21.  Judy followed 11 months later with me 15 months after that.  From the time I was 2 and Linda was 4, we were all pretty close to the same height.  You sewed dresses for us that were all the same and people thought we were triplets.  There were a few dresses that went unfinished…first, we probably grew too fast and second, when did you have the time?

My memories bring me back to a time when you were young maybe in your late 20s or early 30s.  I remember how much I loved it when you looked in my ears.  It was so soothing.  I was pretty young because I was short enough to stand and lay my head in your lap while you sat on a kitchen chair.  I did not like it when you took the “poogie” out of my nose.  I would open my mouth and exclaim “teeth”.

You had three of us boom, boom, boom and because we were pretty much the same size, it was like having triplets.  Bath time without running water in the house had to be a zoo.  We had the galvanized washtub and I remember you giving us baths in the kitchen.

The old stove in the kitchen was a wood stove.  One time you put something in the stove and you ran to the washbasin because your hands were full of fire.  You made light of it.  I don’t think you wanted to scare me…but I still remember.

You took such good care of me…of all of us when we were sick.  It seemed when one of us got sick, the others followed.  I remember how miserable I felt when we all got the measles.  You made me feel better.  One of the things you made when I was ill was an egg poached in milk poured over buttered toast.

I took your lipstick and stood on the couch so I could look in the mirror as I “applied” it.  I got it on crooked, so I went out another round to straighten it up.  Oops, still crooked, so out another round and so on.  You were mad when you found me.  It was probably your best and possibly only lipstick.  You cleaned my face with Comet because it wouldn’t come off.  Hmm, you gave me my love of makeup.

One day I was waiting for one of my sisters in the outhouse.  We had the pile of trash (before recycling) and Daddy had a disk or plow that had three levers just perfect for little girls to hang on…so that’s what I was doing.  I had my bare feet up doing a backward flip and my foot came down hard on a piece of broken glass.  You cleaned it up and wrapped it with clean strips from an old sheet.  I walked on my foot sideways until it healed.  It healed nicely and I still have the scar.

One day I was playing outside and I think you were washing canning jars with gravel.  I got stung on my big toe by a bee or hornet.  It hurt so badly.  You put a paste of soda and water on it.  I cried and cried and you tucked me in bed.  I fell asleep and woke up to much less pain.

You are the world’s best baker.  When we were little, you gave us each a little pinch of bread dough.  I remember kneading it along side of you.  Funny how your dough was never as brown as mine.  You just smiled.

I got to spend lots of time with you when Linda and Judy went to school.  Dena wasn’t born yet so we were a twosome while Daddy was outside working.  I remember your baking.  One day you were baking bread singing When the Saints Go Marching In and I listened to the words.  You sang “I want to be in that number” and I asked you if you really wanted to be there because that would mean you had died.  You took the time to explain why you wanted to join the saints.  It made me start to understand.

After the house was remodeled the three of us girls were bouncing on a tractor tire and I fell off.  I landed on a piece of lathe (from the remodeling) with a nail in it and cut the front of my shin.  I didn’t even know that I got hurt until either Linda or Judy pointed out that I was bleeding.  I got the most upset and started to cry because I ripped a hole in my tights.  I remember you comforting me and telling me it was OK.  The scar is still there.

When you would go out for an event, such as your Ladies Aid group, and then you would come back and later be doing chores in the barn with your lipstick still on  I thought you were so beautiful.  I remember thinking “She should wear lipstick all the time”.  I remember how hard you worked on the farm.  You spent time in the milk house cleaning up after milking and preparing before milking in the evening.  We were so fortunate that you helped dad milk all those years so we could do our homework and go to activities (we were also supposed to do housework which didn’t always get done).  I also remember that it was you who raked hay and helped bring the hay in especially in the early years until we got a little older and could take your place.  I remember you packing lunch so that we could spend the day in the plowed field picking rock.  Taking a break for lunch was always the best part when we would all sit down as a family to eat whatever you prepared.  My favorite spot was next to the pond with the island.  We girls would explore looking for pollywogs and once we even managed to cross the pond to the little island.

As we got older, it was you, mom, that got after us to work on our sewing for our 4-H projects between unloading loads of hay (not an easy task with 3 of us sharing one sewing machine).  You took us to our monthly 4-H meetings and baked the treats when we had to bring baked goods for any event (I still love puffed rice bars as do all my sisters). You took us to confirmation, Vacation Bible School, Christmas program practice at the church, swimming lessons, the occasional basketball game and any place we needed to be driven to until we got our drivers license.

I know how blessed I am to have had you for my mom.   I grew up in one of those rare families whose parents didn’t drink or smoke or beat their children.  We went to church most every Sunday as a family. My sisters and I always felt safe.  As an adult and a parent myself I know that your life revolved around us.  When I was a child I didn’t understand just how much you gave of yourself.  As an adult I do. Thank you.  I love you Mom.

Hingham Students Pay Tribute to Retiring Principal

I watched the Hingham middle school students pay tribute to their retiring principal, Roger Boddie, on YouTube with a flash mob dance.  What a touching tribute to their principal.  Mr. Boddie is leaving a huge a legacy.   He touched the lives of so many of the Hingham students in his 36 years.  How fortunate for those kids to have had someone in their lives that cared and believed in them so much.  We don’t all have those kinds of people in our lives.  It’s sad to say that many of us can’t say we have impacted as many lives as this principal.  

Oscar Wilde said, “Some bring happiness wherever they go.  Others cause happiness whenever they go.”  Which type of person are you?  When you retire and walk out the door for the last time what will your coworker’s thoughts be?  Will they think, “I sure will miss him/her.” Or will they think, “Boy am I glad to see him/her go!”

Mr. Boggie’s wonderful tribute from the Hingham students should help us become more aware of our interactions with people.  We may not all get such a demonstrable goodbye When will you retire but it would be nice to know that people miss us rather than that people are thankful that we are gone.  Be aware.  

If you want help becoming the person you always knew you could be, please click “Work with me” and join one of my programs or sign up for my newsletter to receive more tips. Take action now.

Vision – Who Has Time for a Vision?

It is already June 18th.  The month is half over and the year is almost half gone.  When you envisioned the New Year in the last quarter of the previous year, did you have a plan of things you wanted to accomplish?  Have you gotten everything you wanted to get accomplished done in the first half of the year?  Do you know what you would like to accomplish the second half of the year?  Do you still have the same vision or has it changed because you are behind? 

Maybe you are one of those people who have a lot of things on their mind but just can’t seem to make headway in accomplishing those things.  If so, you are not alone.    

Having an abundance of things to focus on and not knowing where to start can hinder your progress.  It is usually due to a lack of vision…not knowing where you are going.

You may also be one of those people who have multiple tasks to do and are overwhelmed with knowing where to start.  When you have a vision of where you are going, you can make sure that all your tasks are meaningful and are all heading you in the same/right direction.  If you don’t have a vision as to where you are going then you are probably wasting a lot of time doing tasks that don’t need doing.  Let’s look at an example.  Let’s say you’re writing a blog.  If you don’t know what you are going to write about it will be harder to just sit down and write it.  Also if you write and post but don’t know what direction you’re marketing is going, you may be just posting to post without putting the proper keywords in to your blog to get you where you need to be.  Then you just wasted a lot of time.  I did the same thing until I realized there is help.  Then I became a coach.

Decide what you want and where you’re going and then develop a plan to get there.  If you need help please get in touch with me or click on the “Work with Me” tab at the top of this page and contact me or join one of my programs.  Take action now.

Time Management Tips – Tip Number Seven

My last couple of blogs Quotes 7discussed time management tips.  The first tip was to get a calendar to write things down followed by making technology work for you and then utilizing three lists.   My fourth tip was to use time blocking followed by staying focused and my last time management tip was to always have work with you for waiting times.  I will continue with tip number seven.  If you recall, I originally asked the question; “Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time?” Today I’m going to share a seventh time management tip that has worked for me and for my clients.  Tip number seven – listen to audio books.


Do you have something you want to learn about for your business?  Or maybe you want to learn another language.  My seventh time management tip is to listen to audio books.  Audio books are filled with a wealth of knowledge.


I subscribe to www.audible.com and download audio books to my iPhone.   I listen to them while I am driving and even when I am doing chores around the house.  I am a promoter of listening to material multiple times because our minds start thinking about a topic possibly triggered by what we are listening to and then coming back when we realize we are supposed to be paying attention.  I can listen to an audio book twenty times and hear something new on the twentieth listen…always amazes me.  Audible.com has a fee associated with it, but may be deductible if you use it as a resource.  Check with your tax preparer.


There are lots of free audio books available too.  Go to your local library and look at their educational audio books.  I have utilized many of my local libraries selections.  My library also has an online library too.  They have many books that you can download to your listening device for a specific time period.  When the time is up, the book is gone and you don’t even have to drive down to the library…another time saver.


If you drive 24,000 miles in a year, you will have well over 350 hours of listening time driving at 65 miles per hour.  Actually, it is 369 hours.  We don’t always drive at 65 MPH so it probably much more than that.  Even if you don’t drive that far, chances are that your morning commute take longer if you live in a metro area.  If your drive time is only 15 minutes one-way, that computes to 125 hours in the year.  That is a lot of time for education.


Make your time more effective by listening to work related audible books while driving or doing other mundane tasks.  Please post other time management tips that work for you so that others may benefit from your experience.  Also, if you liked this post, please share it with a friend.  Take action now.